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ToxFMD Screened Chemistry™ provides a streamlined, affordable assessment that screens textile treatment formulations and allows ZDHC brands to easily identify safer alternatives and fulfill their commitment to using safer textile auxiliaries.

In April, 65 ToxFMD Screened Chemistry™ Certificates were awarded or in progress. To date, >400 ToxFMD Screened Chemistry™ certificates have been awarded.

Contact us at to learn more about the ToxFMD Screened Chemistry™ Program.

We also launched a new ToxFMD Screened Chemistry™ Website in April at - check it out. Share the link with your suppliers to explain the program and to connect them with us!

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ToxFMD Screend Chemistry Library

The ToxFMD Screened Chemistry™ Library is an online subscription-based service that provides individual chemical hazard assessments. The Library grows each month and offers GreenScreen® hazard executive summaries, chemical-specific Benchmark Scores, functional class information, and individual hazard endpoint classifications for almost 1,000 chemicals! 

The online Library provides free access to hundreds of Benchmark 1 GreenScreens®. What does this mean? Benchmark 1 (BM-1) chemicals are considered chemicals to avoid because they are chemicals of high concern. The library contains over 200 of these chemicals, and by knowing what they are, you can avoid them in your formulations.

Fifteen GreenScreens® were added to the library in April 2019.

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For information regarding the ToxFMD Screened Chemistry™ Library, please contact Dr. Jennifer Tanir at

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April has been another busy month for ToxServices' ToxFMD Screened Chemistry™ Program! We look forward to sharing monthly updates with you, as the program we started in 2014 continues to grow. 

Margaret H. Whittaker
Ph.D., M.P.H., CBiol., F.R.S.B., E.R.T., D.A.B.T.
Managing Director and Chief Toxicologist

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