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ToxServices’ Full Material Disclosure (ToxFMD) Screened Chemistry® is ToxServices’ flagship program for evaluating chemical formulations and conducting product stewardship audits.

ToxServices is accredited by the ZDHC to verify conformance with ZDHC MRSL v. 3.1 Levels 1, 2, and 3 requirements.  ToxFMD® is used by brands around the world to eliminate chemicals of concern.

ToxFMD® Level 1, 2, and 3 are equivalent to ZDHC MRSL v. 3.1 Level 1, 2, and 3.



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ToxFMD | Screened Chemistry | textiles


ToxServices established Screened Chemistry in 2014 in conjunction with Levi Strauss & Co. with the goal of advancing public health and environmental protection around the world. Screened Chemistry is the concept of identifying the use of safer alternatives while eliminating hazardous chemicals in the textile industry.  In a Screened Chemistry approach, human health and environmental impacts are fully evaluated so dangerous chemical substitutions are avoided. 

Levi Strauss & Co., Nike Inc., H&M and C&A have agreed to share and align their efforts surrounding safer textile chemistries as part of their work with the ZDHC Foundation. ToxServices’ Full Materials Disclosure® Program (ToxFMD®) is an integral part of the Levi Strauss & Co. Screened Chemistry Program and supports hazard reduction and informed substitution.

ToxFMD Screened Chemistry® Program is our flagship certificate program to demonstrate conformance with Screened Chemistry requirements. ToxFMD Screened Chemistry® provides a streamlined, affordable assessment that screens textile treatment formulations (including textile auxiliaries, colorants, leather treatment chemicals, adhesives, and coatings) in textile, apparel, and footwear production and allows ZDHC brands to easily identify safer alternatives and fulfill their commitment to using safer textile auxiliaries.

In 2020, ToxFMD Screened Chemistry® was expanded to evaluate formulations in electronics manufacturing, including cleaning agents and degreasers, protective coatings, printing inks, and adhesives.   

There are three levels of ToxFMD® assessment:

  • ToxFMD® Level 1 evaluation: This assessment is designed to assess hazards and MRSL level conformance of a formulation

  • ToxFMD® Level 2 evaluation: This assessment is designed to verify through an on-site audit, that systems are place to minimize the release of hazardous chemicals to environment (air, water, soil), that health and safety practices are in place to protect workers, and that formulators have in place programs to manage raw material suppliers, including assessing raw material vendors for quality and chemical management systems.

  • ToxFMD® Level 3 evaluation: A ToxFMD® Level 3 evaluation encompasses the assessment of a Level 1 and Level 2 evaluation, along with evaluation of the client’s expertise in Chemical Hazard Assessment (CHA) and chemical optimization. 


ZDHC MRSL v. 3.1 Level 1 Conformance


Fabric in Rolls

Full disclosure (to ToxServices) of all intentionally added ingredients present at any concentration, and residuals or impurities present at or above 0.01% (>100 ppm) in the formulation. 


Test formulation by chemical analysis to demonstrate compliance with ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) v. 3.1, and for electronics formulations, test to meet applicable standard for volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

ToxFMD v.3 Flowchart.png

ToxFMD Screened Chemistry® Process

Screen ingredients and residuals through Priority List (ZDHC MRSL v. 3.1, AFIRM RSL, ChemSec SIN List, ZDHC MRSL Candidate List) and Positive List (U.S. EPA SCIL)

Screen ingredients and residuals for dermal sensitization (as well as presence on Apple RSS for electronics formulations)

Perform a GreenScreen® or ChemFORWARD assessment for any intentionally added non-polymeric, non-colorant not on the SCIL, and perform a GreenScreen® assessment for monomers > 0.1% in polymers

Figure 2 from SOP October 2023.png

ToxFMD Screened Chemistry® Level 1 Conformance

= ZDHC MRSL v. 3.1 Level 1 Conformance

Perform a ToxFMD® polymer assessment of any intentionally added polymeric ingredient and perform Safer Choice functional class criteria screen for residuals > 0.01% in formula or colorants at any level in formula

Calculate Screened Chemistry score for each ingredient and impurity

Calculate formulation’s Screened Chemistry score (0 to 50 points) based on ingredients’ Priority List Score (Max 0) + Comprehensive Hazard Assessment Score (Max 45) + Dermal Sensitization Score (Max 5):

  • Preferred: > 35 - < 50 points

  • Needs Improvement: > 20 - < 35 points

  • Phase Out: < 20 points


The ToxFMD® Review has determined that:

  • Formulation complies with ZDHC MRSL v. 3.1 (and VOC standard if electronics formulation)


  • ToxFMD Screened Chemistry® Score is > 20

  • Once awarded your ToxFMD Screened Chemistry® Certificate, your textile formulation will be added to the partnering ZDHC brands’ shared Preferred Chemical List (PCL), to the CleanChain database, and the BHive database, providing global visibility of your formulation

  • Additionally, your textile formulation will be eligible to be listed in ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module, an advanced search engine for formulations that are conforming to ZDHC's MRSL



The ToxFMD® Review has determined:

  • At least one chemical present in the product formulation is listed on the ZDHC MRSL v. 3.1 at or above the specified MRSL limit (and/or does not meet the VOC standard requirement if electronics formulation)

  • ToxFMD Screened Chemistry® Score is < 20



Suppliers from 22 Countries Have ToxFMD® Screened Chemistry Certificates
Map 2023.jpg
  • Argentina

  • Australia

  • Bangladesh

  • Belgium

  • China

  • Germany

  • Hong Kong

  • India

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Malaysia

  • Mexico

  • Singapore

  • Spain

  • Sri Lanka

  • Switzerland

  • Taiwan

  • The Netherlands

  • Turkey

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

  • United Arab Emirates

Formulations are Assessed from 64 Different Functional Categories 
  • Adhesive

  • Anti-Backstaining Agent

  • Anti-Crease Agent

  • Anti-Pilling Agent

  • Biocide

  • Bioscoring Agent

  • Bleach

  • Bleach Booster

  • Bleaching Agent

  • Buffer

  • Catalyst

  • Cationizing Agent

  • Cleaning Agent

  • Conformal Coating

  • Defoaming Agent

  • Degreasing Agent

  • Desizing Agent

  • Desizing-Stonewashing Agent

  • Detergent

  • Disperse Agent

  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR)

  • Dye - Acid

  • Dye - Azoic

  • Dye - Basic

  • Dye - Direct

  • Dye - Dispersant

  • Dye - Mordant

  • Dye - Reactive

  • Dye - Sulfur

  • Dye - Vat

  • Fixing Agent

  • Flame Retardant

  • Gelling Agent

  • Glossing Agent

  • Glue

  • Ink

  • Leveling Agent

  • Mercerizing Agent

  • N/A

  • Neutralizing Agent

  • Odor Control

  • Optical Brightening Agent

  • Paraffin Wax Emulsion

  • Pigment - Inorganic

  • Pigment - Organic

  • Printing Agent

  • Protecting Agent

  • Reducing Agent

  • Reserving Agent

  • Salt Oxidizer

  • Sequestering Agent

  • Sizing Agent

  • Softener

  • Solvent

  • Stabilizer

  • Stiffener

  • Stripping Agent

  • Stonewashing Agent

  • Surfactant

  • Synthetic Leather

  • Thickener

  • Uncategorized

  • Wax Softener

  • Wetting Agent


ToxServices was founded in 2003 by Managing Director & Chief Toxicologist Dr. Margaret H. Whittaker. The scientists at ToxServices offer more than a decade of expertise in toxicology, risk assessment, comparative hazard assessment, and the application of science to promote human health and environmental sustainability.


Our head offices are in Washington, D.C. and Ann Arbor, Michigan. We have professionals located across North America and the United Kingdom who work with clients across the across the globe, including North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia.


ToxServices' aim is to resolve complex human health and environmental issues through the application of sound science, risk assessment and the principles of environmental sustainability and to continue to evolve and expand services as environmental and human health needs require.



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